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Financial control and analysis

Financial control and analysis task is one of our majors. We have vast experience in both of them!

Financial controlling

There is also possibility to let us to do the company controlling tasks, so you can insert your documents, invoices, costs etc. into accounting and we can make sure, that everything is correct and confirm. We can do all the payroll calculations, TAX and VAT calculations for you and also needed reporting to authorities. This gives you low cost as possible and knowledge, that everything is in order.

Also, all the needed financial consulting, if you are inserting documents, can be done quickly. We are using most of the communication variants and you can reach us everywhere!

Financial controll and analysis

Financial analysis tasks.

This is usually done to underestand the company financial health and it helps you to underestand the current situation. There are some good ratios, to underestand, where company is and why it is there. If we do the benchmark analysis, you can also underestand, what is our position compared with rest of the companies in the same field. For example, you are doing great (in our mind), but compared to the other companies, there is lot of room to be better. This is valuable knowledge for you. This is also good in perfoming controlling (underestand, is there anything missing, on the wrong side of the balance sheet, on the wrong costgroup, etc, etc

Also, banks are looking different ratios to underestand, is the company worth to give a credit or not.

So, there are some important knowledge behind the controlling and analysis.