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We aim to offer boutique style accounting services in Estonia.We have a vast experience working with one of the biggest retailers in Europe. By doing so, we have an expertise in everything from sales analysis and board material preparations to solving interesting accounting problems.Our service is built on online-based systems. We are not tied to our location. We live and breathe numbers, and this is our passion. Our services will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Accounting in Estonia is simple with us!

Using the latest technology is very important to us. We only use the best equipment, because we want to secure data and the safety of our Internet-based accounting software.

Our aim is, to be digital as possible. As well as saving time, there will be financial benefits. Also, you have the knowledge that data is secured and backed up in the cloud. Data and reports are accessible when you need them, no matter where you are in the world. The only thing you need is Internet access. The program is simple and offers a powerful reporting system. There is no need for expensive international calls or wasting time on waiting for the right materials.

Often it can be intimidating to communicate with an accountant, after all accountants have a language of their own. It is time to make a change! Our aim is to be the best communication partner in accounting you have ever had. And don’t forget, accounting in Estonia can be done online!

As said, our most common clients are from sales, both- retail and wholesale, but equally important to us is the transportation and construction market.